Claims Information

Our office is ready 24/7/365 to assist you with claims questions and processing. Our contact information is at the bottom of this page. Please note that during an active storm and briefly after, response times may be slightly delayed. Do what is needed to protect life and property in the interim.

Proactively take an inventory of your property. Video and photographic evidence are best.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

  1. Safety is paramount! Do not risk personal safety to protect property
  2. If risk exists, notify emergency personnel by calling 9-1-1
  3. Take photos of the damage
  4. Take whatever steps you can to prevent further damage. Make sure it is safe to make the temporary repairs and you are not risking injury to yourself or your family and friends or risking further damage. 
  5. Call in professionals as needed
  6. Remember to keep all your receipts for any temporary repairs you make. Also retain receipts for living expenses as a result of the loss to your residence. Try not to pay cash for anything, use methods of payments that can be documented (check or credit card). If you have to pay cash, get a very good receipt and document as much as possible.
  7. While tempted to clean up as much as possible, especially after a hurricane, do not throw away household belongings such as furniture or any personal items until these items have been inspected by a claims representative.
  8. In the event of a natural disaster or catastrophe, such as a hurricane, the number of claims being made by victims will be significant and everyone will be trying to call at the same time. You may experience delays in connecting with representatives. ALLOW FOR 48 HOURS FOR A CLAIMS ADJUSTER TO CONTACT YOU! 
  9. Unless filing a larger claim, we discourage filing claims for freezer contents and fallen trees not damaging a structure. There is likely limited coverage on most homeowners policies for these items. However, the impact on future rating would exceed claim benefit unless part of a larger claim.


SERVPRO                 (912) 234-9690

ServePro Irma

SERVICE MASTER   (912) 348-5817

PUROCLEAN            (912) 344-9900

BELFOR                    (800) 856-3333

BOARD UP               (800) 262-7387

ENVIROWORX         (912) 445-0773

CRDN                        (912) 341-5161

When reporting a claim, you will need the following information:

-Policy Number

-Named Insured on the policy

-Effective Date of the Policy,

-Cause of Loss e.g.: wind, water, falling tree, etc.


Direct Reporting contact information:

Allstate      (800) 255-7828

Cincinnati  (877) 242-2544

Guard Berkshire Hathaway (888) 639-2567

Harleysville / Nationwide (800) 421-2525

Johnson & Johnson (800) 487-7565 ext 5024

North Point Underwriters (678) 965-8787 ext 1214

Universal   (800) 425-9113

Wright Flood (800) 725-9472

Nationwide / American Bankers (800) 421-3535


Tree Service Removal:

Herrington Tree Service 912-663-2340

CAT Tree Service   912-604-7045

Cunningham Tree service: 912-355-0395

Bartlett   912-351-0111

Angels Tree service  912-596-5270

Schumans Tree Service  912-999-4188

Waters Tree Services 912-352-8062

Evergreen  912-598-1805



JCB Roofing  912-920-4364

Michael’s Roofing  912-748-6888

JAJ Roofing  912-484-6818

Jimmy Jenkins  912-355-4526

Greg Day Roofing  912-748-3088

Mike Kenny  912-272-1933


Stone Construction Services   912-657-3052

Barnie Paderewski:   912-667-9009

Ryan Washburn Pure Construction- 912-224-7330

Belfor  912-966-8093

Grotheer Construction  912-303-0448

Harper Special Services 912-844-3772

Synergy Designer Homes  912-313-8378


Disclaimer: Thomas J. Sheehan Insurance, Inc does not warrant the work of any specific contractor or vendor. Until you have directly spoken to a member of our team, we can’t confirm if coverages exists and costs of claim mitigation should be maintained and tracked. Proof of all claims payments will need to be presented to claims adjusters. We cannot amend coverages prior to or during an active storm. 

Our emergency contact information includes:

(912) 650 2800 – main number

(912) 656 9984 – Tim Blanco mobile /

(912) 844-8720 – Jamie Hamrick mobile /

(919) 817-7350 – Zach Flynn mobile /

Our team members will be monitoring communications. Texts and e-mails are likely the best means to get a swift response.