7.5% Drug-Free Workplace Credits

In Georgia, your Dental Practice can receive a mandated 7.5% credit for simply registering with the State of Georgia as a “Drug-Free Workplace.” This is an easy way to reduce your Workers’ Compensation premium by 7.5%. Here is the link to register. Once you have registered, send the certificate to your insurance agent and they […]

Dentists are at Risk – Cyber / Privacy

Thomas J. Sheehan Insurance recently presented to The Savannah Dental Society regarding Cyber and Privacy Liability. Here is a copy of the document used to guide the discussion. Dental Society Document Here is a complete list of every question needed to provide you with a Cyber and Privacy Liability Quote: What is the gross revenue […]

Rental Car Questions

You have rented a vehicle for a personal* trip. You are pretty excited about your trip, but before you get the keys, the rental agency representative has asked you to make a few decisions regarding add on fees. Typically, fees that are added on can include: Physical Damage Waiver, Liability waiver, pre-paid gas, navigation, toll […]