We specialize in Probate Bonds in Georgia. These bonds may include Conservator and Guardian bonds as well as other estate or probate needs.

In order to determine if the applicant is eligible for a bond and also the pricing, we will need a completed and signed application. The signature is very important as a credit score will be run on the applicant. The application can be returned to us via e-mail (receptionist@tjsheehanins.com), fax (912-650-2826) or mail (P.O. Box 10205 Savannah, GA 31412).

HCC Court_Probate Fiduciary Bond Application

The signature will need to be on the “Principal” section on page 2.

Probate bonds are underwritten based on credit score of the principal and the premium is a function of the bond limit. In the event of poor or no credit, then the Principal will very likely either:

1)  Need a co-indemnitor (requires additional detail on application)

2)  Obtain bonding via the County Administrator

We appreciate the opportunity and are readily available to answer any questions you may have.